STABER Ingenieurbüro back in the days

The company’s first car in 1952


Adolf Staber, born in 1927 and father of present-day associate Jesse Staber, was an apprentice in the Augsburger Michelwerk to become an electrical mechanic.

In 1949 together with his brother, the electrical engineer Anton Staber, he founded the company in his hometown of Holzheim. The focus was general electrical engineering.




The ompany’s very own gas station in 1965

Mrs. Staber in front of the first electronics store in 1962

Besides his technical interest, music played a large role in his life. As a saxophonist and accordionist, he was a member of numerous ensembles and bands in the post-war-era. His connections to other musicians and his performances, for which he provided the appropriate technical equipment, laid the foundation of STABER as an expert for event engineering.


STABER Ingenieurbüro nowadays

Master craftsman certificate of Adolf Staber from 1954

Jesse Staber, born in 1973 and son of the company founder, has been engaged in the family-business since 1987. During his studies of electrical engineering he already expanded the portfolio of STABER essentially: the two emphases, the technical realization of events and rental of audio-visual equipment, were completed by the strategic domains of consulting, planning and drafting. Since 2009 Jesse Staber is an associate of STABER Ingenieurbüro GmbH & Co. KG.

The service portfolio was most recently enhanced by audiovisual media production (scoring, content generation, art-design, script writing, film production for events).

The STABER Ingenieurbüro sees itself as a technical service provider in the area of events, which supplies a consistent and personalized overall package of the most modern technology and professional service for its customers.