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Workday Event at Jochen Schweizer Arena – STABER and STARK! Marketing Successfully Collaborate

Munich, 27th June 2023 – In June, a successful event for Workday took place at the Jochen Schweizer Arena near Munich. STABER took charge of the technical equipment and support, while STARK! Marketing served as the lead agency responsible for the overall concept. The event revolved around the theme „The Future of the Workplace“ and showcased Workday’s innovative workplace solutions. STABER ensured a seamless technical execution, ranging from stage lighting and sound to video technology. STARK! Marketing developed the creative concept for the event and organized the planning, logistics, as well as design of the stage and exhibition areas. The event was a major success, highlighting Workday’s leading position in the industry. The Workday Event at Jochen Schweizer Arena provided attendees with an impressive experience and offered comprehensive insights into the latest developments and trends in the field of workplace solutions. Contact: STABER Veranstaltungstechnik / Contact Person: Frederic Ehrenberg / Phone: 08276 – 518 900 / Email: f.ehrenberg@staber.de // STARK! Marketing / Contact Person: Carolin Reitter / Phone: 089 461 332528 / Email: carolin.reitter@stark-marketing.de